leasing vs buying

Buying Vs Leasing a Ford Information in San Diego, CA

At Kearny Pearson Ford, there’s nothing we like to do more than share information that may be of use to our customers. If there’s anything we can do to make the car buying and ownership process any easier, we are simply happy to do it. That being said, we know that a lot of our customers are interested in learning about the process of leasing. Keep reading to discover more about the benefits of leasing vs. buying a Ford vehicle.

Reasons to lease at a glance:

  • Brand new vehicle
  • Low payments
  • Short term commitment

When You Should Lease

The biggest pro to leasing a vehicle is the fact that you can have a brand new vehicle, with all of the best 2018 tech and features, for an affordable monthly payment. When leasing, there is less responsibility because when your lease is up, you can buy the vehicle or lease something else if you want. If you’re looking to make a short-term commitment or maintain low payments for a few years, doing a lease with our Ford financing center may work well for you

When You Should Buy

If you want to have true ownership of your vehicle, buying is the way to go. There are no mileage or wear and tear constraints or fees, and you do not have to reevaluate the situation every two years. You can have the vehicle serviced whenever or wherever you choose, though we certainly recommend coming back to our San Diego Ford dealership for any needed maintenance. Additionally, buying can help you attain a lower cost if you consider pre-owned vehicles as well, whereas leases are for new cars only.

Reasons to buy at a glance:

  • Complete ownership
  • No rules/extra fees
  • You can buy pre-owned

Financing a new or used Ford vehicle at Kearny Pearson Ford

At our California Ford dealership, we have plenty of new and used Ford vehicles to choose from, so you’ll have an easy decision whether you lease or buy. For low commitment and high quality, leasing is a great option. For true ownership and the freedom that comes with it, buying is a solid choice as well. If you need more information or would like to talk about buying or leasing with our professionals, come on by. We look forward to being the Ford dealers that help fulfill all of your automotive needs.