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Our Commitment to Going Green

We at our San Diego Ford dealer have decided to stay 100% committed on going green. Below you will find all the ways we have decided to go green. Contact Kearny Pearson Ford if you have any questions about our commitment to being green or if you would like advice on how you can go green!

  • We recycle approx. 10 tons of cardboard and paper a month.
  • Used oil is collected AND recycled.
  • All oil filters and fuel filters are recycled.
  • All batteries are recycled (yes, even the little AAA batteries!).
  • All light bulbs in the dealership have been replaced with energy efficient bulbs and fixtures.
  • All thermostats have been replaced with energy efficient control units.
  • All shredded documents are sent to a secure recycling facility.
  • Aluminum cans and plastic bottles are collected and recycled.
  • Several tons of scrap metals are recycled weekly.
  • Plastic body panels, bumpers and trim are collected and recycled every week.

Ford Electric & Hybrid Vehicles at Kearny Pearson Ford

Below you will find information about all of the Ford electric and hybrid vehicles we have here at Kearny Pearson Ford in San Diego, CA!

Below you will find what events Bill Bayne, our Ford electric vehicle specialist has participated in and why he's the go to person for all of your Ford electric and hybrid needs in San Diego, CA.

Bill's Qualifications

Bill has participated in the following events:

  • California Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Earth Day 2009-2012
  • San Diego Regional Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Working Group (REVI)
  • Annual Energy Conference SDGE
  • Government Expo
  • San Diego Electric Car Club


Bill Bayne was exceptionally knowledgeable about EV Cars/and the growing infrastructure to support the type of Car I bought. He spent 2 separate evenings showing me the various features/technologies. You should take a moment to stop by, say Hi to Bill, and test drive this car.
This deal was a GREAT experience! Bill Bayne absolutely rocked in getting this done! He was able to take a very bad personal experience and turn it into an amazing positive one. Thank you in every way for working with me. He exceeded all expectations of what a car salesman can really do. Sincerely, Shawn Torgerson P.S. Glad to be helping our world by going green and driving an Ford Focus Electric. Good response, excellent follow up and support through purchase and leasing process. Highly qualified and knowledgeable.
Shawn T
Our buying experience with Bill was fantastic. His extensive product and inventory knowledge lead us straight to the perfect car and his pleasant and helpful manner made it an easy and enjoyable process. I would highly recommend Bill and will be using him again in the future.
Emma H
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Bill is very knowledgeable about the Ford Focus Electric vehicle. He was available when we had questions and was very professional at all times.
Gary K
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Bill Bayne is the knowledgeable friendly guy who helped me purchase my cool new Ford Focus . I give him thumbs up and five starts. Seek him out and let him help you out.
John G
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bill bayne staff photos

Bill has extensive knowledge of the development and implementation of the Electrification infrastructure in and around San Diego.

Contact Bill Bayne: 1-877-777-5118